Design Leadership

Bristan Group products are supported by our new product development teams including; Product Management, Marketing, Design and Engineering, Strategic Sourcing, Total Quality Management, and Supply Chain. 

The in-house Design and Engineering team at Bristan Group has over 180 years’ experience between them. The team designs and engineers on trend products to their own specification at Bristan Group UK headquarters. Every product is reviewed from furniture to showers and of course taps. 

Each project is assigned its own project team who work collaboratively throughout the design process, from conception to production making certain all specification criteria are to the highest standard. 

Product management research insights and user behaviours leading the design team to innovative solutions, along with state of the art 3D CAD systems and CFD software that calculates and simulates how liquids act within a product, with highly accurate results. This software is used in-house to predict how a new design will perform in terms of temperature, flow, and how water will mix.

Because of these factors, the design team can be certain their designs meet required quality standards and water system capabilities. Products are then prototyped, using a 3D printer, for in house testing with Total Quality Management in the UKAS accredited laboratory. This means the designs can be validated before they are tooled for manufacture. 

Bristan Group design user centered products, making sure safety, performance and aesthetics are at the forefront. Brochures are produced by Marketing to show off our products to customers and consumers alike, along with taking the product through to launch with expansive knowledge of the consumer journey. 

Our designs have been recognised with Red Dot Design Awards and patents have been granted on a number of innovative products; showing just how great our product designs really are.