S172 Statement

Statement by the directors in performance of their statutory duties in accordance with S172 of the companies act

The directors believe throughout the year ended 31 December 2020 they have acted both individual and together in ways which promote the long term success of the company for the benefit of all stakeholders. The directors also participate in the management of the business.  As leaders and managers, they are regularly exposed to formal leadership and business-related training.

Directors have access to other members of the company’s management, and will, from time to time, invite other executives and employees to participate in, or provide information for use at board meetings so that the directors have additional insight on items or issues to be decided by the board.  The directors may, from time to time, engage outside advisors or other experts as it deems necessary or appropriate to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities.

Our culture

Our commitment to ethics and integrity is the foundation of our company it drives everything we do. We have a strong culture of compliance and an outstanding reputation for doing business the right way. Our code of ethics expresses our expectation that each employee will act ethically and foster our culture of integrity. All employees and directors must comply with our code of ethics and company policies.

Our employees

As mentioned in the directors’ report, employee engagement is a major focus for us and we continue to communicate the progress of the business and our strategies using digital communications regular face to face town hall meetings and utilising our employee forum. Each of these include the opportunity for employees to provide input and feedback and get answers to questions. 

Our customers

Meeting the needs of our customers is key for the continuing success of the company. Focusing on the customer has always been and will always be one of our highest priorities. We have dedicated account managers who work closely with our customers and we provide regular updates regarding our business and products.

Our suppliers

Our suppliers play a key role in our commitment to excellence. We have high standards for quality, delivery and price. Our culture for high ethical standards extends to our global supply base who we expect to operate to a similar high standard, underpinned by our corporate and supplier code of conduct. 

Our shareholders

As a wholly owned subsidiary were the ultimate parent is Masco Corporation we inform  and consult with the executive management team of our parent company on a regularly basis and regarding all major strategic decision.

Our wider community

The directors through the company sponsor the company charity committee. This committee of employees engages selects the company sponsored charity and runs events to raise money for the selected charity. The company sponsorship consists of both the time of its employees but also a promise to match the funds raised by its employees for the selected charity. New charities are selected every 24 months.

The directors have put in place a strong health, safety and environmental policy utilising the management systems of OHSAS 18001 and ISO14001 which is communicated and discussed with employees at all level of the business. The company is a zero landfill company and activity manages its waste stream to ensure maximum recycling.